10 Small Villages North and South 28km in Maze

04/17/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

It was a good morning so I walked around Maze.

I’d like to share the geographical information of Maze today.

Probably, you might wanna know about it since I mentioned about Nishimura or Kaore districts.

Gero city Maze branch office

I’ll take the example.

This is my usual working place and the address is 406, Namaru, Maze, Gero city, Gifu prefecture in Japan.

So it’s located in the north-west of Gero city which is in Gifu; middle area of Japan.

I’ve wrote about actual location of Maze on below.

“Namaru” is the name of district such as Nishimura.


It means there are 10 small villages in north and south 28km (Shichi=7, Ri=length measurement in Japan Zi=10 Sato=village).

Look at the below picture I drew.

A whole picture of Maze

There are 10 villages along Maze river; Kaore, Kuroishi, Sugo, Nakagiri, Horinochi, Ogiwara, Namaru, Idani, Sojima, Nishimura.

No one lives in Shimoyama, so it’s not counted in villages.

Kaore is the northernmost, and Nishimura is the southernmost.

Maze branch office is located in Namaru which is the middle of Maze.

Just for your information, I’ve posted some work in Kaore and Nishimura.

Article about Kaore.

Article about Nishimura.

By the way, these 10 small villages were counted as region like current Maze.

Tracing the history of Maze

In Japan, we did great mergers of city some time when the era changed. Maze has been also involved in that.

In the end of Edo era, Maze was governed by Hida-takayama domain and finally changed to a part of Edo Shogun’s territory.

From the Meiji Restoration to 1875, those 10 small villages had been regions until all were united as Maze.

In 1884, Maze was divided into 2 parts: the northern Maze (Kaore, Kuroishi, Sugo, Nakagiri, Horinochi, Ogiwara and Namaru) and the southern Maze (Idani, Sojima, Nishimura and Shimoyama).

It got back to Maze after merger of 2 parts in 1889 and it continued till 2004; was absorbed in Gero city.

Maze has an area of about 100㎢ and roughly equal to the size of 2100 Tokyo Dome.


Shichiri-Zissato:Maze is 28km from the northernmost to the southernmost and has 10 small villages.

Each of those villages was originally a region.

Maze was established in 1875 and continued for around 130 years.

I’d like to write about each of area someday.