How to Make Animal Fence in Japan


This is the 2nd post about city officer supporting community lives.

I worked at the camp site with Maze branch office workers from this morning.

We made a fence against animal damage around there.

This camp is the same as I mentioned before, which is Oidani Whisper Natural Park Camp.

We had done different work there before like below.

Red point shows the place of camp and it’s located in Kaore.


 It’s just making a fence but not so easy work since the length is 300m…!!

I’ve never experienced anything, every task was flesh to me.

I’ll share that with you step by step.

Animal damage in Maze

By the way, let me talk about it first.

Especially in Maze, there are boar, deer, bear and monkey coming down from mountain.

Though there is no direct harm on human body, we have troubles that farm products such as vegetables are taken by them.

If you don’t have them, we frequently face the issue that we crash into animals when driving. 

Should we encouter them, it would be a problem.

That’s why we should do something for that not only hunting but making a fence.

Driving piles

First, we planted stakes for the flame. Sticks extending lengthwise on below are piles we actually drove.

We took measures like this and placed them.

Then, we stood on a stepladder and drove them by hammering.

We had a hard time with some stakes…!!

We successfully completed planting more than 50 piles.

Putting up a net

Second, we worked on putting a net.

The left stuff is a net and the right one is a rope for the steadier.

We spread a net and tied it on piles like this.

Reinforcing a net

Last, we fixed the bottom and middle of net.

For the bottom, we anchored it like below. It’s much easier than droving piles.


Then, we tied this green wire on the middle of piles.


We succeeded in making a fence!! Ta-da!!


The picture isn’t clear but the net is properly fixed and will protect against animal damage.

Actually, it’s almost completed and we need to work on the rest.


Today, I wrote about animal fence.

It’s just a fence but really helpful for residents in Maze.

I worked on it at camp site but I understand the work flow and can do it somewhere else.

It might be better to be a “Fence expert”.