2 Things I Really Wanna Do in Rural Japan


3 weeks have passed since the relocation from Tokyo to Maze.

Today, I’d like to share my thought, what I did and will do.

I wrote about community reactivating cooperator and Maze here.

The reason for the relocation here.

I have dedicated myself to getting used to life in Maze for 3 weeks by walking around and meeting people.

I’m not still Maze people but I got accustomed to living here.

Bliefly, the important thing for Maze life is taking our time and help each other.

It’s really opposite to life in urban area like Tokyo.

I got to find that through drinking a coffee at someone else’s house, making an animal fence and preparation for the festival.

All residents here look like a family and they support each other.

To my suprise, people more than 60 age are so actively living here.

They try to challenge something new and activate Maze.

That has completely changed my initial image of countryside.

To be more specific, elderly people told me that they wanted to speak to foreigners in English and promoted Maze and created local products with feeling a sense of danger such as aging and depopulation in the future.

It stimulates me to do something very hard.

Though I came here for community reactivation, I really want to do it, looking at them alive and helping each other. 

Then, the point is what I’ll do for it.

There are 2 things what I’ll do from now.

  • Reforming empty house to use for accommodation
  • Teaching easy English to Maze people

I’d like to do both, based on the standpoint.

It’s Albergo Diffuso which I introduced before.

Not a single hotel or restaurant but all of residents here welcome tourists.

Then, I want tourists to enjoy Maze as if they are living here.

I hope they savor the lifestyle, food, beautiful nature of Maze which have been nurtured by helping each other for a long time.

We must keep them forever even if times or works have changed.

Based on it, I’ll work on those 2 things step by step.

There might be some barrier but I’ll take time and cooperate with Maze people to realize them.