Why Don’t you Come to Maze Satoyama Museum?

04/24/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

Even if you’re in urban area in Japan, you might hear the word; Satoyama. I did Satoyama experience in my elementary school.

Maze is famous for not only Ayu but Satoyama Museum.

What’s Satoyama Museum?

Satoyama is an area between residential district and mountain.

Regarding a whole area of Nishimura in Maze as one outside museum, we can learn the special environment and nature around here.

Nishimura in Maze

Maze Regional Natural Park Committee which I join takes a role of this museum.

Thanks to the organization, Maze has been registered on “The most beautiful villages in Japan” and “Savor Japan Project Association”.

Load to Satoyama Museum in Nishimura

Nishimura had been already Satoyama Museum when I came to Maze.

I’d like to share how it became the area since I attended the meeting  which we discussed about installing Satoyama Museum in Nakagiri district  with the head of it.

You can refer to below post if you wanna know about area information of Maze.

Originally, there has been a voluntary group in Nishimura from 2010 named as “Yoramaika-tai”, which makes an animal fence and hold community events.

All of them are more than 60 ages, which is wonderful!!

That group working had gradually swelled, and it finally made a house which people can learn rural life and use as a community space. It’s amazing to make everything by themselves on the below picture.

I know all people in Nishimura has been extrovert and active but it wasn’t before.

Actually, they didn’t like Satoyama Museum so much at first when Maze Regional Natural Park Committee proposed it to them.

The situation gradually changed since Yoramaika-tai cooperated with the committee.

That cooperation had been spread around the area and every work lead to Satoyama Museum eventually.

Now, Nishimura asks the committe to plant these narcissuses…!

How will it be going on in Nakagiri…?

As I said, we discussed about installation of Satoyama Museum in Nakagiri district.

The head of area agreed with our idea but he was afraid of how residents in Nakagiri think of it.

He thought that would be good if active people could proceed with it first and spread out as Nishimura did.

Nishimura is mortar-shaped but Nakagiri is flat, which makes us enjoy the difference between 2 Satoyama if started

I also wanna put wight on the idea that residents take the initiative so I hope it will be going on well step by step.


Maze Regional Natural Park leads Satoyama Museum, which can be called as Maze itself.

It started on Nishimura, and it will on Nakagiri soon.

Actually, I got to know they will carry on it in Kaore first which is the northernmost district.

I’ll update you if the situation changes in Nakagiri.