3 Reasons Why I Applied for Community Reactivating Cooperator in Rural Japan

06/01/2017MY WAY

I’ve already taught English for local people in Maze 4 times.

We spend much time on the review of last lesson, which enables them to memorize it easily.


I share them practical English phrases and words so that they can communicate with foreign tourists without any issue.

All of students are more than 70s but it doesn’t matter with age to learn foreign languages!!

I’d like to tell you the whole story of being community reactivating cooperator

So, now I work for the city office to reactivate the local community; Maze but I wanna share you how I became the person in charge of it. I’ve never told you that.


The reason of relocation is written on below post.

[blogcard url=https://umeseko.com/reason-for-migration-en]

To be honest, it might be better to share that for those who are wondering job or life itself and who are interested in community reactivating work. 

It has a long story but worth shared.


In my case, I changed my job and relocated from Tokyo to the countryside of Japan, which might be a big life experience.

That’s why I think it should be good information for someone.


Today, I’m gonna share the beginning of story, which is how I got interested in community reactivating cooperator.


Honestly, I forgot the detail of work first time I got to know

It might be funny but I’m not sure about the start of journey exactly.


It was the end of November in 2016 to know the word community reactivating cooperator “地域おこし協力隊” in Japanese.

Someone had told me that I should have registered myself on some job changing network.


I found a job offer for community reactivating work at Rikunabi (one of the largest job changing websites) by chance.

The work detail was to promote the local area to foreign tourists, which was really cool I remember.

Then, I wanted to know more about it and check out the details.


3 reasons why I decided to apply for the work

That’s the start of my story to be a community reactivating cooperator.

Next, I’ll tell you why I determined to apply for it. There are 3 reasons.


Actually, each of time axis is different and 2 reasons had occurred before I knew the job.

What I wanna say is the ideal lifestyle that I have thought in my heart can be realized if I become the cooperator.

Japanese drama named 『Napoleon-no-mura』


This Japanese drama has 7 episodes and was broadcasted from summer to autumn in 2015.

I saw it when I was still an uni student, and it stroke me so much.


This is a success story about a city officer assigned in one of the marginal villages. Local people don’t like him at first, but the situation changes as he does his best for them and finally he accomplishes the reactivation of village.

It has some model but it’s just a drama and you know the reality is harsh.


It might be an ideal but people can hope those kind of situation. That is me.

That’s why I’m now working for the reactivation like the drama.

When I was checking the information about community reactivating work, this drama went through my mind.

It’s natural because I’ve ever dreamed economic development in rural area of Japan.


I know it’s really hard to succeed in it like the drama but I’d like to experience the process that local people understand me little by little and finally they need me.

My friend quit a mega bank to be a community reactivating cooperator

I got to know it after knowing the job.

This news made me so amazed!!


After his graduation of university, he joined in one of the biggest Japanese banks. He quit it a few months later and relocated from Tokyo to local area in Kyushu.

He is polite and so nice guy but he has had a different way of thinking since uni student.


I believe everyone gets interests in the reactivating work in rural area since it’s fact that someone actually quit the bank.

You know, he is my friend and I feel something like an ownership. Then, I should jump myself in and challenge for my ideal lifestyle before it’s too late to do.

He helped me a lot when I applied for that job. I’d like to see him during our term.

What I thought on longevity celebration with the relatives for my grandparents

My grandpa was 88 and my grandma was 77 last year, then we relatives gathered and celebrated that.

Each of us came by car, bike and train from different places.


I saw my cousin for the first time in a few years and it’s been a long time since a lot of relatives were together.

We had first and last Karaoke with family…It’s still a good memory.


Actually, what I really wanna say is my thought at that time.

The precious time was provided by the Ryokan, hotel service, which also reminded me of the important thing that we should think it as irreplaceable.


Honestly, I’ve thought restaurant is just a place serving food or hotel is just a place lodging people.

After the celebration, those are really valuable services, which can provide us with kind of precious time and tell us what we should value.


So, you wanna ask me like “Why don’t you change the job to restaurant or hotel?”

The point is I wanna struggle for priceless value.

I’d like to do something humane or warm not for money.

This is the best reason to apply for community reactivating cooperator.


I’m now feeling it at every work in Maze.

Of course, I know I have to start my own business to reside here permanently but I really wanna carry out my original intention.


Then, the first priority is reazling what I thought on the longevity celebration for my grandparents and after I’ll think about my future business.

You might think me as an optimist but I’m me and stick to my guns.



I’ve ever told you the reasons why I applied for community reactivating cooperator as the beginning of whole story to start my new life in rural Japan.

There are 3 diffenrent reasons; a drama, my friend and my own experience. Honestly, I never expected to pursue the ideal lifestyle so soon.

Though, I really appreciated this chance since every day I feel like fitting myself in the community and heartwarming moments.


I’m glad if this post helps somehow for those who wonder their lifestyle or wanna be a community reactivating cooperator.

I’ll update another story about the application and interview soon!!