2 Reasons Why I Relocated From Tokyo to Rural Japan

04/05/2017MY WAY

It’s warm today in Maze like Tokyo and good for walking.

I walked and previewed the course for Nordic Walk event in the end of May.

To get accustomed to living in Maze, I’m planning to round other areas.

Then, I’d like to tell you why I migrated to Maze as a community reactivating cooperator.

There are 2 major reasons like below.

  • Support people in more humane environment
  • Work globally with English skill

Support people in more humane environment


Simply said, it’s marvelous to help someone with our best effort and sometimes laugh and cry for them.

After my graduation and starting life by myself, what I found was “it’s more complicated than I expected”.

I don’t wanna see someone greedily cheat overtime work or compensation

Honestly, I also thought I don’t wanna work in overtime if it’s not paid.

It’s more complicated on company contract.

We need additional charge for work outside the contract and it feels like too cold.

I don’t wanna see and care about sort of things but I wanna support someone from the bottom of my HEART. 

It occurs only when people care about each other with no pros and cons.

That’s why I decided to go to countryside.

Actually, everybody I meet in Maze is so warm and I really want to help them.

Work globally with English skill

Since my high school years, I’ve ever made effort in English or something like international.

This type of things will be more important because the number of not only foreign tourists but employees will increase in the future.

I don’t think my English is perfect and it needs to be developed but the last job was really good experience for me.

Everybody in the office was foreigners and English was major language.

Maze was selected as the one of 5 “Savor Japan” villeges in 2016, then the city office started preparation for inbound tourism and recruit someone for that.

There is no way but to utilize English skill since I’ve ever worked on hardly.

I know it’s better to work in foreign-affiliated company in Tokyo, but both are the same in terms of using English and working globally.

Thinking it with 1st reason I said above, the answer was migration to Maze for me.


To tell the truth, I also have other specific reasons but if I say simply,

  • Support people in more humane environment
  • Work globally with English skill

These 2 are actual reasons why I moved to maze for community reactivation.

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