How to Enjoy Cherry Blossom in Maze (2017/4/18)

04/18/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

I walked around the middle of Maze from Maze branch office to Kuroishi as the yellow line mentioned below, which counted 21,000 steps on my pedometer.

I walked to check the status of cherry blossom blooming today.

Difference of blooming date due to degree

I talked about Maze like north and south 28km and 10 villages yesterday.

That’s why there is difference among villages when Sakura blooms.

Nationally, Sakura in Tokyo blooms around end of March or beginning of April but in Hokkaido in May

The situation is same in Maze and each of Sakura in 10 villages has each timing to bloom.

Let’s take a look at the status of cherry blossoms in Maze from north to south.

I walked and took pictures in Sugo, Nakagiri, Horinouchi, Ogiwara and Namaru.

For Idani, Sojima and Nishimura, I used my car to look around.

Pink dots are the places I took photos.

Still need time to bloom:Kuroishi・Sugo

I didn’t take a picture in Kuroishi since I couldn’t see any buds there.


A little time to bloom:Nakagiri・Horinouchi・Ogiwara


30% blooming-Namaru・Idani


Almost full blooming-Sojima・Nishimura



Maze actually has time difference for Sakura blooming in each village. It can be a feature of Maze to promote it.

By the way, this difference makes Maze people happy because it lengthen time to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Sakura will fully bloom here in a week…!!