Flying Carp in Japan


I visited 4 people and got tea a lot. The old person who has lived in Maze for 72 years took me around Nishimura district.

Sometimes I cannot hear what he says so gonna learn Maze dialect .

I share some of them below.

How long should the pole of flying carp be?

This is the story when I visited the head of Nishimura.

They talked about how long pole they will use for flying carp this year.

72 year-old said he had 8m pole but his friend wanted 10m one. It’s hard to get and bring it. That’s what I could hear.

It’s quite high if we use 8m. Actually, it’s high and equal to top of 3rd floor.

Then, I wanna know why we raise flying carp and check it out.

Origin not in Japan but in China

Flying carp has a root in folk tale at the yellow river in China.

There were lots of rapid stream and it was called as Dragon Gate.

One carp suceeded in climbing up the stream and changed into a dragon to go up to the sky. This folk tale has been called as “The legend of Dragon Gate”.

In Edo era, the story came to Japan.

Tokugawa shogunate displayed out flags to celebrate the birth of Shogun’s sun on May 5th; Boys’ Festival.

Citizens immitated that and finally displayed flying carps likening it to Dragon Gate tale.

May you grow up healthy

We hope something special for flying carps.

It is that parents want their child to grow up healthy, assimilating to Dragon Gate.

It’s kind of parents’ love for children.

Flying carp has been made of Japanese paper in 18th century, cotton in 1920s and synthetic fiber from 1950s.

What is the market rate?

Though, we can make flying carp by ourselves, how much do we need to pay for it?

We can get it with 10,000~30,000 yen at Rakuten Web Market but the below picture really surprises me.


It runs the gamut.


The root of flying carp is in China and was transferred to Japan in Edo era.

Parents hope child’s healthy growth in it.

There is a quite wide range of price and the highest one costs 1 million yen.

I gonna go in the heart of mountain in Nishimura.