Japanese Unique Water System in Mountain


Despite the bad day, we worked in the mountain to fix water system in mountain.

There are 10 major settlements in Maze.

We had work at “Oidani Whisper Natural Park Camp(No English site)” in “Kaore” district.

Camp site is like below. There is still snow even in April now.

According to person in charge of camp, it is fully booked in a holiday week in Japan which is from the end of April to early May.

This is a water system in the mountain near the camp.

Above black pipe is going from the middle of mountain to camp area. We fixed the water starting point.

First, we digged to bury this thick grey pipe.

This is Mr. Hosoe working for Maze branch office in Gero city. He told me to take the picture to let citizen know how he is working.

He is a friendly, positive and great man.

Successfully digging completed, connecting buried thin black pipe and the grey pipe…

The water spreaded out with some noise!!

This change was so amazing.


It was just a fluming work but harder in mountain.

Anyway, it was a good experience for me!!

After all, we can use water at the camp and thanks to city officer.

Why don’t you come to “Oidani Whisper Natural Park Camp(No English site)”?

It’s still available in July and August.