New Brand Strategy of Rural Japan

05/02/2017RURAL JAPAN

I don’t have a special plan even if a big holiday week in Japan begins from tomorrow. 

I’d like to go to west side of Japan such as Osaka or Kyoto so I offered the ETC card for a car trip.

When I was in Tokyo, I don’t like driving but now that’s changed.

Review of Maze from foreign tourists

Today, I checked on how foreing tourists are thinking about Maze after their visit.

I’d like to share some of things I’ve been concerned about.

Almost all of them like the beautiful nature such as Maze river and dishes with local food.

It’s not surprisng to me because Maze was elected as one of the best areas by Savor Japan Project Association, which evaluates rural Japan in terms of nature and food.

What I’m concerned about is improvements from foreign tourists.

Some of them have been to other countrysides of Japan and they think of Maze like “it’s not perfect since there is only a few restaurants or stores.”

It shouldn’t be improved but can be utilized, I think.

New branding: “Nothing special here”

I know they’re true and we don’t have shops at all in Maze.

However, it’s okay and can be a good point.

Everyone thinks they open restaurants to invite people more.

Also, people come to the place where stores are located.

What do you think of the idea that people visit there because there is nothing around?

The reason why I think like this is it also can be a differentiation from other areas.

Now, local governments work on tourism and promotion for regional activation by renovating old houses for restaurants.

If all of them do like that, it’ll be too competitive.

That’s why I propose a new promoting style; “There is nothing special here”.

I just wanna say “Nothing special here” can be only one thing which other local areas don’t have.

Tourists visit Maze if no shop

I said there’s nothing special here but it actually has something.

Those are people living in Maze and their life styles.

Tourists come to a place for something attracting them.

It depends on the area but it would be more competitive if sales points are same.

Though special local product and nature can be appeal points, regions whose government spend much money on advertisement or human resource only can survive.

Thus, I say it’s okay there is only a few stores and we just choose different things for sales.

One thing that can be a sales point of Maze is resident.

Every local area people might be warm and good person, but tourists will visit Maze since they wanna see people living here.

Then, I suggest we should develop new tourism products by focusing on the residents and their life styles.

Promoting Maze as it is

I think it’s important to be natural and show itself as it is.

Whether good or bad, it’s actually my thought, who cannot tell a lie.

I know there should be restaurants or stores economically if the number of visiters increase, we don’t need to make it in a hurry now.

I’d like to promote Maze naturally to who likes it as it is.

To be more specific, target would be like who wanna see a beautiful nature in rural Japan and don’t care about no shop there.


I’ve wrote about it’s okay if there is nothing special store in Maze.

Hoestly, it’s not easy to promote it by saying nothing here but please come here.

It might be a problem to look for the targets. I promise I can show Maze as it is.

I’ve already came up on 2 ideas for it ( ̄∇ ̄)