Why Don’t You Eat Wildflowers in Japan?


Current money economy seems too complicated.

I’d like to propose this: why don’t you change your point of view of wildflowers?

Probably, you don’t believe that but we can do that actually.

I’ll join an interesting event which we tell and get edible weeds to eat so I wanna be prepared for it.

If you wanna know more about the event, jump to below post.

Wildflowers today I’ll share can be seen everywhere in Japan probably.

It took much time to find it out but so exciting.

Please feel free to ask me for revision if something incorrect.

Veronica persica (Oh-inu-no-fuguri)

I saw them everywhere around.

It came from Europe in Meiji era and the indigenous one; Veronica didyma produces pink flowers.

Inunofuguri means scrotum of dogs in Japanese so I don’t wanna eat if it’s edible.

Cardamine flexuosa (Tanetsuke-bana)

I thought it was Capsella bursa-pastoris first.

It often grows around damp areas.

Tanetsukebana has a meaning in Japanese that it blows flowers when people soak rice weeds in water to prepare for nursery.

Young seed can be eaten and it tastes a little bit hot.

Capsella bursa-pastor (Nazuna)

This is Capsells bursa-pastor, which is famous for one of seven spring herbs in Japan.

It’s also known as Penpengusa and Syamisengusa in Japan. Young seed can be used as food.

For your information, the root of seven spring herbs is in China.

On 7th of January in the lunar calender, they had a custom to have a soup with seven herbs.

It came to Japan in Heian era and people combined it with one Japanese culture; picking young flowers, which was finally changed to the current culture.

Draba nemorosa (Inu-nazuna)

It includes Nazuna in Japanese name but a different strain.

The difference between them is whether edible or not.

Then, “Inu” means not-edible in Japanese?

Lamium purpureum (Hime-odoriko-so)

This flower announces arrival of spring.

It looks like Odoriko wearing a hat (Odoriko means a female dancer in Japanese).

No poison in it but it’s not tasty since the texture is dry.

Tomorrow, I can get more specific information so I’ll share other ones shortly.

I’m glad if you recall my blog when you find flowers I shared today on the street.