6 Things You Should Do before Applying Community Reactivating Cooperator in Rural Japan

06/12/2017RURAL JAPAN

Nowadays, I have a lot of red leaf lettuce every day.

Most people have lettuce for breakfast and there is no difference between urban and rural Japan about that.


I’ve ever worked as a community reactivating cooperator in Maze for 2 months.

I’d like to share my way and experience to rural Japan for someone wondering the relocation or moving there.


I’ve already wrote about the reason for application of my current job on below post.

[blogcard url=https://umeseko.com/roadtomaze-reason-en]

On this post, I’m gonna talk about what I did before the application.

It would be my pleasure if this information helps you make a decision or change your mind toward relocation to rural Japan.


So I’ll write here 6 things you should do before applying a community reactivating work with 3 themes.

Please take note it’s not tips for the job interview or document.

It’s just important things in order not to regret your own decision; relocating to rural Japan as a community reactivating cooperator.


Setting your expectation properly

This is the 1st one of 3 themes.

I really appreciate my current opportunity but some community reactivating cooperators don’t think so.


The reason why they regret their decision is that they didn’t set their expectation for their job and rural Japan properly.

Thus, I recommend you get a lot of information about the region and actual work environment.

Reading a large number of opinions and materials

Here is the 1st one of 6 tips to do.

It’s the Internet era. We don’t need to go to any orientations and just get information through the Internet.


You know, we have to sort out those information from the point of view of information literacy.

We cannot understand all of information so we need to make a choice.


I recommend the opinion of experiencers and materials written by third party.

Below websites are what I actually refer to but all in Japanese.


【Blog written by community reactivating cooperators】



【Related material】



Interview to working community reactivating cooperator

2nd one.

We should get information not only from document but also what they really think.


In my case, I asked a friend working for community reactivation as I wrote on below.

[blogcard url=https://umeseko.com/roadtomaze-reason-en]

They’re all kind and you can ask anyone.

Of course, I’ll take care of it if you want.


These below are what I asked him actually.

・Reason to be a community reactivating cooperator

・How he understood opportunity cost and risk to move to rural Japan

・Work conditions such as accommodation and time

・How he got an approval of second job

・How he is communicating with people as a city officer and a citizen

All are normal questions but those were helpful for me.


Principle to be a community reactivating cooperator

This is the 2nd theme.

It’s as important as setting proper expectation.

We have to briefly tell the reason to be a community reactivating cooperator.


It depend on person and every answer is different.

We have to make our own principle.

Thinking about what your principle is

This is the 3rd one to do.

We have to make it clear what the principle is.


I wrote my principle on below post.

[blogcard url=https://umeseko.com/roadtomaze-reason-en]

I just shared what I really think so there is no exaggeration.


It’s okay if you have a few principles.

The point is if you really think of yourself and find your own principle.


You might think your principle as childish sometimes  but that’s okay if you actually think.

If I say, you shouldn’t try to be cool. You should be honest to yourself.

Finding why you need to be a community reactivating cooperator

Now you find your principle but it’s not enough.

4th thing to do is finding why you choose the job opportunity.


Job details are different between city offices but there is something common for all.

That’s like why you wanna be in not urban but rural area or why you wanna work on regional activation.


There are a lot of simlilar options in Japan.

For instance, it’s just changing the job to rural area and being a farm pupil.


What you need to do is thinking about why you choose a community reactivating cooperator not other options. 

What about me? It’s just a simple reason.

I think it would be the best opportunity to realize my ideal written on the post.

[blogcard url=https://umeseko.com/roadtomaze-reason-en]

Honestly, I don’t like farming so much and starting business right now.

That’s why this is the best option for me.


Considering if it’s the best decision after all

Now, we’re on the last theme. I’ll share 2 tips here finally.

The last theme is that you still wanna be a community reactivating cooperator even after you consider the risk and opportunity cost to get the job.

Consulting senior person for advise on it

This is the 5th thing to do.

There are a bunch of ways to get money to lead our lives.

Whoever you are, we have to think about from the point of view of jobs how our life is gonna be after the decision.

The younger you are, the lower risk of your decision is. However, something cannot be undone if you’re young.

There is a chance you cannot succeed in the regional reactivation even if you try so hard.


No one wants to think about the worst case about what they wanna do.

It’s important to remind yourself of it so ask your friend or senior person.


Whoever would be okay if they think of you for real, such as senior friend of your university or senior worker in your company and your parents.

You might wonder if you decide to apply for it after that but please note that this is really important.

Asking yourself if you really want to be

Now, this is the last one you should do before your application to be a community reactivating cooperator.

Lastly, you need to ask yourself if you really want to get the opportunity.


It seems so simple but I’m sure this is the most important thing to do.

You know, it’s essential to get information and consult senior person for the advice. However, they’re just for setting proper expectation and minimizing the risk.


However afraid you are, you should apply for it if you really wanna be a community reactivating cooperator.

Nobody knows how the future is gonna be so just follow yourself.


I’m sure it’s okay if you regret your own decision later.

No one blames you for it.


The point is whether you think it’s okay whatever happens after the relocation to rural Japan.

If you’re sure of it, you can apply for a community reactivating cooperator.



How much do you like the post?

Today, I’ve shared 6 things to do before the application of 3 themes from my experience.


I did nothing special but I’m sure everything helped me a lot.

I really wanted to be it but I really don’t want to fail and I was afraid of my future.


That’s why I tried hard to ger information and consult my friend and parents for the advice.

Finally, I really enjoy every day here in rural Japan and there is no regret.


I know I have to think about my business to settle down here but I highly recommend you do those 6 tips.

It’s the same for which job you get and which school you enter.


I hope you can make the best decision for everything.