Age 23 Guy Growing up in Tokyo Relocated to Rural Japan

04/02/2017MY WAY

Relocated to rural Japan

Hi everyone!! This is Daisuke Seko from Japan.

I relocated from Tokyo to Gero city in Gifu prefecture (which is literally countryside of Japan) on Apr 1st in 2017.

Gero city? Where is it?

What made you relocate to rural area in Japan?

Hmm… by the way, who are you?

Started to work for community development

You might have sort of questions on my sudden report. If I say, the reason is that I’ve changed my career and been a member of “Community reactivating cooperator squad”.

Please refer to other posts on the last paragraph of article if you wanna know about how and why.

On this blog, I’ll introduce a bunch of useful and fresh information of countryside of Japan.

It would be appreciated if my blog helps you somehow when you visit or stay in my country.

This is the first post and thanks for your reading.

I’ll show you my actual reason of relocation on next post.

Work as a community reactivating cooperator

The reason for relocation

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