Maze Community Reactivating Cooperator in Gero City


I told you the reason why I suddenly relocated to countryside  was “Community Reactivating Cooperator” before.

Toady, I gonna show you what I do and work on specifically.

What is Community Reactivating Cooperator?

Clearly, this is for helping local area or region and the system is so solid since Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications takes care of it.

Local governments delegated local migrants as “community reactivating cooperators” who moved residence certificate from urban areas to disadvantad areas such as depopulated areas. Cooperators reside in the area for a certain period of time to work on “regional cooperation activities” such as development, sales, promotion for regional brands and products and engage in agriculture, forestry and fishery industry. Then, they try to settle themselves in the local areas.

Quote:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Actually, there are a lot of recruitments all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

I wrote about the reason why I chose Maze for the community reactivating work on below post.

If you’re interested in community reactivation in Japan, please refer to the below. You can check actual recruitment information and what they’re doing (English is unavailable).

地域を変えていく新しい力 地域おこし協力隊 – JOIN ニッポン移住・交流ナビ

I can give you advice if you wanna challenge it so please feel free to ask me. I’ll add posts regarding selection process and what I was asked in the interview later.

What is Maze region in Gero city?

Next, I’ll introduce you Maze area briefly.

Maze is located in Gero city, Gifu prefecture, which is the middle of Japan.

Probably, you might know Gero since it’s famous for Gero hot spa, which is selected as one of the three greatest spa.

Location of Gero city=下呂市

Maze is the green area on the below Gifu pref. picture.

Location of Maze

Though it’s difficult to tell, Gero city seems to be divided into 5 areas including Maze.

This is because Gero city started by merging 4 towns and 1 village; Gero, Hagiwara, Kanayama, Osaka and Maze.

By the way, what Maze is like…?

It looks literally “RURAL” area.

There is no convenient store and restaurants around here. The closest Lawson is 10km away from here…

Anyway,  the best feature is beautiful river called as “Maze river”!!

Maze is nature rich and so scenic place overall.

This whole area (north and south 30km) is designated as a park .

Maze was finally selected as one of “The most beautiful villages in Japan” since it has a traditional and aglicultual life and scene along Maze river.

It hasn’t passed still 1 week but anyway I’ve relocated to this place.

If you wanna see pictures more, please click below.

Maze 100 Scenes

Work assignment for community reactivation

I’m a community reactivating cooperator but also an official member of Gero city office (Actually, I got an assignment directly from the mayor of Gero like below.

To be precise, I’m part time work in Gero city office.

I mention my activities in Maze on the below.

  • Strengthen inbound tourism acceptance system
  • Support branding special products in Maze area
  • Develop and promote regional special products
  • Create a new mechanism for maintaining and preserving regional resources
  • Discover new tourism resources
  • Promote and support migrants

The most important work activity is the first one; inbound tourism.

Inviting foreign travelers, that is promoting Maze to all over the world.

Since Maze area was registered in “Savor Japan (Japanese only)” in 2016, the office would like to start something for inbound tourism.


Where I’m working for→Gero city office, as a community reactivating cooperator

Where I relocated to→Maze, Gero city, Gifu prefecture

What I do→Inbound tourism and promote Maze area to the world

I’ll write about why I chose Maze and community reactivating staff next time.