Gero Hot Spring Information Provided by A Local Citizen

06/28/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

Hi, there. I’ll talk about my current city, which is actually famous for one of the three best hot spas in Japan.

General information about Gero city

I had never been and seen Gero city since I relocated here from Tokyo.

Honestly, I’ve known it’s located in Hida area in Gifu prefecture that is the center of Japan and I’ve thought most of Japanese know that.

One day, I watched a Japanese TV program.

An interviewer asked to young people like me about the location of Gifu prefecture.

Some of them say like below.

“Gifu prefecture? Hmm, it’s located in Tohoku area, isn’t it?”

“Seriously? I’ve never heard the name of prefecture.”

I still remember I was so shocked at that. 

Now, I’m a citizen of Gero city in Gifu prefecture so I need to let them know not only the location or whatever.

Location and access

First, I’ll show you where it is.

It’s not a part of Tohoku but Chubu area, which means the center of Honshu.

Google Map

Blue line shows Gifu prefecture and red one shows Gero city.

As you can see, Gifu is almost located at the center of Japan and Gero is the mid of Gifu.

Taking bullet train, it takes 3.5 hours from Tokyo and 3 hours from Osaka.

If you wanna see in detail, please click here.

Area and population

Gero city started in 2004, incorporating 4 towns and 1 village (Gero/Hagiwara/Kanayama/Osaka/Maze).

Area of city is 851.21㎢. It’s big compared to other cities in Japan.

It’s larger than Tokyo’s 23 wards and Biwa lake, which is the biggest lake in Japan.

You know, Takayama is the largest city in Japan and it’s 2,177.61㎢.

Gifu has a lot of forests and that of proportion of forested land is 2nd in Japan ,which is 79.1%

That of Gero city is extremely high and it’s 91.8%.

The population of Gero city is 32,604 as of 2017/5/1.

Density of population is very low. It’s 17th lowest in Japan.

Optimistically, we can say Gero is the best city for those who wanna live in a relaxed and laid-back environment because of less people and a lot of forests.

Sightseeing in Gero city

Gero is actually famous for Gero Hot Spa.

It has other fascinating points and I’ll show them for you!!

Rich nature

As I said above, there is abundant nature in Gero city.

Especially, in Maze, which is my current residence area.

I know a lot of features here but I just wanna tell you rivers.

Hida river runs from north to south in Gero city and Maze river streams north and south at the west of city.

Maze River

Both rivers are well known for anglers.

Specificlly, Maze river is said to be home of Ayu (sweetfish) fishing and was selected as the best Ayu in Japan in 2007.

These days, Gero city makes a strong effort to promote waterfalls in Osaka area.

Osaka area is located in north-east of Gero city.

It has more than 200 falls whose height over 5m and there is a fall located at the highest level (2,800m) in Japan.

If you wanna see more, just check out this!!

A bunch of cultural experiences and activities

On sightseeing, people wants not only high-grade hotels but also cultural experiences like traditional art.

Gero also has a lot and I’ll share with you some of them (You can see the detail if you click on below pictures).

Gero Hot Spa – Gassho village

It has Japanese traditional houses like the picture.

You can enjoy Japanese pottery art and making Japanese traditional handmade paper.

Mizube-no-yakata -South of Hida Maze River Tourist Association

You can have fun with catching fish with hands and swimming in transparent river; Maze river which I’ve introduced.

They also provide learning of cooking  Hanamochi and pizza with an handmade authentic kiln.

Mountain Life Hida

You can enjoy athletic activities in forests and canyoneering.

It should be a great time to feel the amazing freshness of clear air and water.

No reason to miss Gero Hot Spa 

Gero Hot Spa

Though I’ve talked about how nice nature and activities Gero has, you should actually relax in hot spa.

I write about it on this post.

It’s true this is one of 3 best hot springs in Japan. That’s really awesome.

Today, not only Japanese there are some foreign tourists here.

Activity, hot spa and next one is food.

Local foods in Gero city

Lastly, I’m gonna show you local food and cuisine.

I’ve actually had all of them on below. Everything is awesome.

Hida beef

Hida beef

Some foreigners may know this food.

It’s not like greasy but tasty fat and firm flesh.

I’d like to explain criteria for Hida beef here.

  • Black-haired Japanese cattle breed
  • Raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months
  • confirmed and certified as Yield Score of Grade A or B by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference, and have a Firmness and Texture Grade of 5, 4 or 3 as graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association




Tomato is one of the most produced vegetables in Gero city.

There is a difference of degree between day and night on area whose attitude is around 600m, which makes tomato much sweeter.

We have a lot of cookings with tomato.

Bowl of rice topped with tomato and Hida-beef

Not only tomato juice and tomato curry but bowl of rice topped with tomato and Hida-beef, which is is an exquisite dish of gravy and tomato sour.



I really like it!!

Keichan is a local cuisine in Gero and Gujo, which is grilled chicken seasoned with miso or soy source with cabbage and sprout.

Kanji of Kei is 鶏, which means chicken and chan is 醤, which means sauce.

So, it’s called Keichan.

Keichan is so characteristic because the way to cook varies widely between regions and restaurants.

You might wanna try it and enjoy some type of Keichan in Gero!!



It’s the first local food I had since the relocation to Gero city.

Hoba-Sushi is a seasonal menu only in June and July. We wrap in magnolia leaf vinegar rice with trout and Japanese ginger.

This food is also in a thousand ways to cook.

Actually, I promoted it to Australian ladies but they didn’t buy it.

Ayu (sweetfish)

Grilled Ayu with salt

Lastly, I’d like to introduce Ayu, which is a stream fish living only in clean rivers.

I’ve already wrote it on another post. Please check it.


This is the first post about Gero city since I relocated from Tokyo.

We have a lot of nature like forest and river, which make us feel so fresh.

If you wanna relax and spend time easy, you should visit Gero.