My Daily Life Changes after Relocation to Rural Japan

05/01/2017RURAL JAPAN

Here it is May. Cherry blossom begins to fall from the south in Maze and it will change to season of new green leaves.

Yesterday, my friend from the university visited Maze and we saw around here!!

I was glad he came to Maze. We came up with an idea for community reactivation and I’ll share it with you someday.

1 month has passed since the relocation

Time flies and now it has been 1 month since I relocated from Tokyo to Maze, which is a countryside of Japan.

Please take a look at my first post published exactly 1 month ago.

I’ve had a lot of learnings and findings for a month.

Still many things to know but I get used to rural life in Maze.

To be honest, I’m surprised at myself since I can get through every change after leaving Tokyo.

Then, I’ll show you how my daily has changed after the relocation.

Feeling like “I’m alive”

It’s one of the reason for relocation and the best change I’ve ever felt so far.

What “I’m alive”means that I can lead a really human life.

When I was in Tokyo, 6 days work in a week and I just go back to my home for sleeping.

I didn’t have a conversation with people so much, which was literally “talk to computers”.

Since coming here, I’ve had a lot of chatting every day.

Though I try to understand people and this area, many conversations here make me feel so alive.

It’s awesome to cooperate and speak with each other such as drinking coffee and work in mountain together.

Transportation and commuting time

It’s also a big change for me. I drive my car every day!!

Most people use a train more in Tokyo but we cannot live in Maze without a car.

My commuting time was cut from 1 hour to 5 minutes. So amazing, isn’t it?

If I say, there is no need to use a train.

It’s 2 hours’ walking to the nearest station from my home.

I won’t use it except for a business trip or travel.

More economical days

The last thing is spending less money for my living.

I saved money by self-catering when I was in Tokyo, but honestly I spend it less here. What do you think of the reason?

It’s so easy to answer!! There is NO store around my home!!

Thus, it’s not because I care about spending less but naturally I don’t wanna drive and go down to the town to buy something.

I go to the supermarket once two weeks with 10 minutes’ driving.

Yesterday, I bought not only foods but a new comic of Detective Conan, which is one of famous anime in Japan!!

Just to tell you, there are bookstores and appliance stores if driving down to the bottom of mountain.

It might be a good idea to tell you about my living cost in rural Japan later.


I’ve wrote about my daily life changes after the relocation.

I don’t think it’s inconvenient life actually and even I’m happy with cost saving life.

When I was in Tokyo, some of my friends told me that I would adjust rural life since I’m totally a different person from who wants something at every moment. 

I’m really enjoying the life here, expecting who I can see and what the conversation will be tomorrow.

Now, I can say “Life is beautiful”!!