Cat Cafe in Local Train?! Especially Cute and Rare Event in Gifu Prefecture


I’ve just heard announcement of wild bears sighted in forests near here.

So, today I’d like to share with you a special event held in Gifu prefecture.

That is Cat Cafe in Train!!! (Not bear but cat)

Cat in Train|Studio Ghibli『Whisper of the Heart』

Have you ever seen this anime movie?

It’s so sweet but what I want say is it’s uncommon that there is a cat inside of train.

However, the event invites cats in train!!

Cat Cafe Train by Yoro-railway

It was Yoro-railway in Gifu prefecture held the event!!

They have actually had the effort on some unique activities and events like Cycle-train.

So, now you wanna see how amazing Cat Cafe Train is.

Look at those pictures!!

Cat Cafe Train|Sankei Photo
Some foreigners there|Sankei Photo

The train refashioned for cats

Happy man and a cat interested in camera|Sankei Photo

To be honest, I’ve never known this special event. If I knew it, I went there definitely.

It was held in September 10th and 80 people in train for 40km from Ogaki st. to Ikeno st.

Cat Cafe Train has 3 cars, the middle is a cafe area and all floor carpeted and seat covered with cloth for cats.

The purpose is conservation movement of kit

A station staff looking at the cat cafe train|Sankei Photo

Unfortunately, it’s just one-day event.

Cat Cafe Train is an event for conservation of cats.

Before culled in animal shelter, the cat cafe in Kagamihara city took and lend them to Yoro-railway.

That’s why a part of fee will be used for anti-cat culling campaign.


A kit looking at the scenery from a car window|Sankei Photo

I think it’s so great event in terms of animal preservation and community development. So sweet…

In Japan, especially in countryside, there are a lot of local activation with a disused train.

Anyway, Yoro-railway is still running.

I wish Cat Cafe Train would be held again like annual event.

It might be more fun to take pet cat inside of train.

I’ll keep on sharing with you some unique events in countryside of Japan like this \(^o^)/

I’ll be waiting for your comment, especially your thoughts of this event or some unique local event in your region!!