【Announcement】18th Gero Satoyama 2 Day Walk

05/11/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

It’s getting green here, and that’s an awesome view.

I don’t post it here but check the below if you wanna see it.

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My Instagram account (Please don't hesitate to follow me!!)
My Instagram account (Please don’t hesitate to follow me!!)

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5th Healthy Walking Event in Maze

This is the second post for announcement of event in Maze after Amago Fishing Tournament at Maze River.

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Look at the picture below (sorry for the inconvenience, only available in Japanese).

This is a 2 day-walk event and it will be held in Maze on May 28th (Sun).

Gero city office manages the application.

Actually, I introduced this event before.

Take a look at the beginning of this post.

Understand how good Maze is if just walking

I like walking honestly. I sticked to location around 10 minutes’ walk from the nearest station when I looked for an apartment, haha.

You know we must have a car for living here since I’ve ever told you that.

We can feel refreshed by just walking in Maze.

You should walk here once in your life.

You can enjoy 360-degree view of mountain, fresh stream; Maze river and flavor of rich nature.

If you close your eyes, you can hear whisper of frogs from rice field.

The most favorite thing for me is to see difference of landscape of edge line and Satoyama that depends on the place and angle I look at from.

You can understand that if you come to rural Japan like Maze.

It’s one of unique things that we cannot experience in daily life.


Anyway, what I wanna say is…

You get a great feeling from walking in rural area!!

Especially, I think you can enjoy awesome grass green just by looking around here.

This is the detail but please contact me if you cannot understand it.

I’ll support the event and look forward to seeing new green leaves.

Added: 2017/6/2

We held the walking event on May 28th and there were 100 participants.