Filming Scenes by Savor Japan Project for Promotion of Inbound Tourism in Maze

08/03/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

It’s August now, and gets hotter and more humid everywhere in Japan.

I’ll show you the pictures taken at filming for promotion of Maze as one of Savor Japan area.

What is Savor Japan?

Savor Japan

Regional areas where you can enjoy the best of Japanese dining and discover things related to foods, are certified as “Savor Japan” by the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

In this year 2016 round, 5 areas; Tokachi-Hokkaido, Ichinoseki/ Hiraizumi-Iwate, Tsuruoka-Yamagata, Maze-Gifu, Nishi Awa-Tokushima, were given the Savor Japan certification through the approval committee that was organized by the Ministry.

The Savor Japan initiative opens the door to local resources in every corner of the country, such as the uniqueness of local foods, the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries in the area that produce those foods, as well as the charms of the local scenery, and house hospitality.

The growing interest in Japanese cuisine and culture by people from all over the world has fueled a dramatic increase in tourism to Japan, inspired by the desire to experience truly authentic Japanese food at the source.

The Savor Japan certification is designed to draw attention to the local brand that come from the numerous farming, mountain and fishing villages throughout Japan where food is a way of life, and lead to an increase in interpersonal exchanges through a deeper discovery of Japanese cuisine and the enjoyment of unforgettable experiences in authentic Japanese food culture.

引用:Savor Japan Project Association

Maze was certified at the 1st round in 2016.

As mentioned on the above quote, the 5 certified areas are Tokachi, Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi, Tsuruoka, Nishi-Awa and Maze.

It’s a great honor since the national organization gave the certification to Maze.

Actually, that lead to my current job opportunity here.

This shooting is the second, and the first one was in February, 2017.

Filming schedule

It was a 2-day filming.

【Day1 7/18】

  • Downward view
  • Conservation forest stream fish residing
  • Hoba-sushi (Sushi wrapped with magnolia leaf)
  • Local children swimming in the river and eating Hoba-Sushi

【Day2 7/19】

  • Rice paddy
  • Ayu (sweetfish) fishing
  • View under Maze river
  • Grilled sweetfish with salt
  • Scene of local people’s conversation

We had a lot of scenes needed to be taken but we got a success, blessed with good weather. I gonna show you some of them.

Scenes of filming in the summer of Maze

Downward view

From the mid of mountain

Conservation forest stream fish residing

He looks like a professional of forest


“Prepared” for the filming

Local children swimming in the river and eating Hoba-Sushi 

No girl here

Ayu fishing

Actual view of fishing
He explains how to fish Ayu

Grilled sweetfish with salt

After that, we tasted it


I’m sure everything is perfect!! I’m really looking forward to watching the completed movie.

It will be broadcasted on NHK WORLD on August 25th all over the world.

If you miss it, you can watch it on YouTube.