The Relocation to Rural Japan Enables Me to Know How Excited to Go to Tokyo

09/16/2017MY WAY

Hi guys, how is everything going?

I’m writing the post on the bullet train bound for Tokyo.

Today, I’d like to share with you how people growing up in countryside of Japan feel like when visiting a metropolitan like Tokyo.

Especially, I wanna tell you a good point on it.

I know some say Tokyo is too crowded, noisy and annoying anyway (Actually, it’s me).

Though there are lots of things they don’t like, for me now it’s so excited to go to Tokyo after relocating to rural Japan.

I’m sure I won’t be able to find it unless I live in countryside. I think those growing up in rural area feel the same as me. 

Honestly, I don’t like the metropolitan so much in terms of number of people, annoying noise and neon lighting but now so excited to go to “Tokyo” since it’s like a fascinating city.

Actually, I was growing up in Tokyo so I’m glad to see my family and old friends.

Hard to explain it, but anyway it makes me exciting.

It might be the same feeling as going a trip to foreign countries for vacation.

To be honest, I was like a kid who is looking forward to going a camp with friends.

It’s kinda weird; I don’t like those neon lights and crowded place but now changed.

It must be one of good effects to relocate from Tokyo to rural Japan.

I’m also happy to know how people from countryside feel like when going to urban area like Tokyo.

I can be an hybrid guy between urban and rural…!!

It’s just half a year since living in a rural Japan so I can find different points of view like this.

Looking at the sunset from the window of train, I reminisce these 6 months_φ( ̄ー ̄ )

I’ll be waiting for your comments regarding “Urban and Rural” or “Feeling when going to the city in your country”

It doesn’t matter where you grew up and just leave a comment!!

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