Local Cycling Tour for Foreign Tourists in Hida-Furukawa Conducted by 114 Sports


Hi there, I’ll talk about an interesting experience for you guys.

That is local cycling sightseeing tour near around Takayama: the most famous touristy place in Japan.

Conducted by 114 sports in Hida-Furukawa

I did it 2 months ago, so it was hot in July.

This tour program is conducted by 114 sports in Hida-Furukawa.

I like the name very much. If you wanna know why, please feel free to ask me.

Hida-Furukawa is close to Hida-Takayama. It takes only 20 minutes by car.

I used a normal type like below. All of them are very light and of course not so hard to ride even for beginners


Tour course

The tour route is like below.

  • Old and traditional street in Hida-Furukawa
  • Very large rice paddy
  • Ancient burial mound (Kofun in Japanese)
  • Taking crystal stream from the mountain
  • House of cows raised for Hida-beef
  • Riverside 
  • Having soft-serve ice cream at the local store

The guide will tell you about how local people have lived in those old houses and why a lot of carps swim in the stream.

You should ask him how many carps there are and you must be amazed at the number.

Old and traditional street in Hida-Furukawa
Carps in Seto-river

Very beautiful and nostalgic scene, isn’t it?

The guide will talk about not only rice itself, but how to make Sake and local Sake in Hida area.

Rice paddy in Hida-Furukawa

Shrine maybe the best thing you wanna know in Japan.

You can get much information about it like a small stuff in shrine and its purpose, which is very interesting.

Ko-toge ancient burial mound
Sakuryo-Shimizu shrine

This is the one of best beef brands in Japan.

You just take a look and no meal!! Haha.

House of cows raised for Hida-beef

Lastly, I tasted soft-server ice cream in the local store on below.

It depend on date and tour group so sometimes they go to a cafe.

Local milk product shop

Contacts and access information

The nearest station is Hida-Furukawa.

From Takayama to Hida-Furukawa, please take JR Takayama line and it takes 20 minutes.


If you come to Japan and especially to Takayama, you shouldn’t miss this cycling tour.

I’m sure this experience will give you a new aspect of Japan.

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