The List of 100 Things I Want to Do by My 30th Birthday

08/18/2017MY WAY

I get accustomed to English listening by watching TED during lunch break.

Procrastination is the thief of time, then I just made a list of 100 things I want to do by 30-year-old.

My oldest brother turned 30 on August 8th

Quite recently, my oldest brother became 30 years old.

No celebration message to him, but I just wanna say I remember his birthday and age haha.

Anyway, he is over 30. I actually cannot believe it but it’s real.

While, I’ll be 24 in this November.

I just wanna be 30 confidently

My brother is a person like freewheeler, which is a part of things I respect him for honestly.

I wonder how many people can travel around Japan only by bicycle like him.

He is now live-in worker at a hotel to earn enough money to take a working holiday.

Just to tell you, not so close but we’re in the same region: Hida at the mid of Japan.

Of course I know not all has been smooth sailing but I should follow him in terms of doing what he wanna do.

That’s why I decided to make the list of 100 things I wanna do by my 30th birthday.

100 things I want to do by 30-year-old

Are you ready?

I wish you check everything below if you like!!

(I didn’t categorize them at all.)

  1. Go to Ise Jingu
  2. Go to Izumo Taisha
  3. Have a chat with local people in the mountains in Shimane
  4. Complete Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido
  5. Visit Kanazawa and shout out “Kaga-hyakumangoku!!”
  6. Drive to my grandparent’s home in Fukushima Completed on 2017/12/4
  7. Take a picture like one of Ghibli scene at Ghibli Park
  8. Visit the real-life locations of the anime, 『When They Cry』 Completed on 2017/8/21
  9. Go to Koyasan
  10. Accomplish The 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku
  11. Talk with another Seko-san in Ise
  12. Enjoy the special taste at Kinosaki Onsen
  13. Cross the suspension bridge in Iya
  14. See the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto
  15. Stand in line and buy Ice Americano at Starbucks in Tottori
  16. See whirling waves and get giddy at Naruto Strait
  17. Eat Udon at Sanuki
  18. Cross Great Seto Bridge, feeling the wind
  19. Meet up with my friend in Tsushima
  20. Take a photo of Dogo Onsen Honkan
  21. Take a picture of myself hugging Yakusugi
  22. Pick-up a girl at Churaumi Aquarium twice
  23. Play a guitar at a mountain village in France
  24. Drink espresso with some cube sugar at 3 gulps and leave soon at a cafe in Italy
  25. Take a selfie with the signboard of “SANYO” at the street in London
  26. Go to Times Square
  27. Have a meal at JBJ Soul Kitchen
  28. Go to Bon Jovi’s concert in New Jersey
  29. Go to Bon Jovi’s concert at Madison Square Garden
  30. Climb Mt. Fuji from the bottom
  31. Appear in Chunichi Newspaper
  32. Have a life counseling for my junior Completed on 2017/12/2
  33. Give my own autograph to someone
  34. Appear on Japanese TV program『Professional』
  35. Fully understand a chapter of Grey’s Anatomy without any subscription
  36. Fully understand a TED talk without any subscription
  37. Understand Indians’ English without a repeat
  38. Make my friend cry at his/her wedding
  39. Sing with a guitar at some concert
  40. Stay a night at a dorter
  41. Experience waterfall training
  42. Go to Kumamoto Castle
  43. Earn 30,000 yen from writing blogs
  44. Earn 50,000 yen from Internet business
  45. Get more than 100 instantaneous page views Completed on 2017/10/23
  46. Write more than 1,000 posts
  47. Get an insertion order on my blog
  48. Get more than 1,000 Likes on my Facebook page
  49. Have more than 10,000 followers of Twitter
  50. Get more than 300 Likes on a single post of Instagram
  51. Start my own business
  52. Make a living by my business and Internet business
  53. Win 10,000 yen in lottery
  54. Make a tour product of cultural experience for foreign tourists
  55. Sell the product to more than 50 countries and 1,000 foreigners
  56. Introduce the business to higher people like governor
  57. Get a request for speaking from some local government
  58. Get a invitation of national event of AIESEC
  59. Get some coins for my playing a guitar
  60. Keep body fat percentage less than 10%
  61. Get a request for model for hair style
  62. Dress up in women’s clothes and get a reputation
  63. Tell the difference of Sake taste
  64. Distinguish the flavor of coffee
  65. Make some coffee with my own mill Completed on 2017/10/29
  66. Finish a marathon within 3.5 hours
  67. Raise a dog and a cat at the same time
  68. Take a dog and a cat for a walk at the same time
  69. Drive with a dog and a cat at the same time
  70. Eat a big watermelon just by myself
  71. Meet up with Jon Bon Jovi
  72. Sing a Bon Jovi’s song with Jon Bon Jovi
  73. Have a teatime with Chisato Moritaka
  74. Hold a reunion with my elementary school teacher
  75. Get 2 and over chocolates for sweetheart
  76. Keep body age 18
  77. Back into a space at a parking structure Completed on 2017/12/29
  78. Have a star watching date
  79. Hit on a hostess
  80. Have a dinner with an extremely beautiful lady
  81. Say to fiancee’s parents “I’ll definitely make her happy” 
  82. Be a dad
  83. Get a reputation from a friend of my child to him like “Your dad still looks young!!”
  84. See my child to my parents
  85. Do some business with my wife
  86. Cry at my wedding
  87. Get a compliment from my child like “Dad’s fried rice is better than mom’s”
  88. Take my parents to hot spring trip  Completed on 2018/1/6
  89. Make the marrige proposal that my wife will want to brag about to her friends
  90. Hold a longevity celebration for my grandparents with all relatives again
  91. Have a long distance relationship Completed on 2017/11/3
  92. Play FIFA with the friends from high school
  93. See an end of Detective Conan
  94. Stay with my wife during delivery
  95. Travel around unexplored stations in Japan
  96. Have a trip on an express train with sleeping berths
  97. Make it better my important person’s life
  98. Keep going a trip every year with friends of the track team in high school
  99. Introduce my wife and child to Ume
  100. Be celebrated my 30th birthday surrounded my sweet family

The list of things I wanna do by my 30th birthday

How I feel after listing

So exciteeeeeed!!!

It makes me feel I can do everything like a superman.

Honestly, I planned to list just 30 but I came up with more and more like 50 and 70, finally it reached 100.

It may get more so I’ll add if I find new one…!!

Anyway, I’m so pleased.

The important thing is not listing, but accomplishing them to lead my ideal life.


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