Since the guide is absent for some reason, we currently close this bike tour. If you prefer to join in a bike tour around Takayama, please check out another page.


  • Premium Lunch: 16,000 JPY / person
  • Regular Lunch: 10,000 JPY / person


8.0 Hours


JR Takayama Station


  • Max: 4 people
  • Min: 1 person


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Electric Bicycle (Made in Japan: Panasonic)
  • Lunch (Click here in detail)
  • Helmet
  • Insurance
  • Tax

Note 1: Our bikes are suitable for a height of 145cm to 190cm. People who are out of this range cannot participate.
Note 2: This tour may not be appropriate for beginners due to the length and the difficulty of course.


  • 7:50 Instruction
  • 8:00 Tour Starts
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 15:30/16:00 Tour Finishes


Takayama E-bike Tour is a long distance bike tour, which has more than 100km. We will bike through the great outdoors to visit one of the most beautiful villages in Japan named "Maze village". As you may know, lots of tourists from inside and outside of the country visit Takayama to see the historic town and traditional culture. However, you can also see the rich nature in Hida region just by going out of the center of Takayama. "Seseragi Way" is the main part of the tour and known as the best highway to see the beauty of four seasons clearly.

We use a bike so that we can enjoy the views while hearing the sound of stream or feeling the mountain breeze. E-assist will enable us to go up hills so easily. In Maze village, you will find how deeply people live together with the nature and taste special local cuisine made by local products. Hida Takayama has many attractive contents for tourists. That is not only historic buildings or old townscapes. Join in Takayama E-bike Tour and experience the beauty of nature and stunning landscapes with us!

Superb Views along the Way

We will bike through the tranquil way that is rich in nature of Hida region.

Elaborate Local Dishes

Most vegetables and fish are locally produced in the village.

Guided E-bike Tour

This is the ONLY guided e-bike tour around Takayama.


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