• Premium Lunch: 14,000 JPY / person
  • Regular Lunch: 8,000 JPY / person


6.0 Hours (9:00-15:00 / 11:30-17:30)


JR Hida Hagiwara Station


  • Max: 4 people
  • Min: 1 person


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Electric Bicycle (Made in Japan: Panasonic)
  • Lunch (Click here in detail)
  • Helmet
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Coffee / Tea & Snack

Note 1: Our bikes are suitable for a height of 145cm to 190cm. People who are out of this range cannot participate.
Note 2: During the tour, you can leave luggages inside of the store nearby the station.

SCHEDULE (When the tour starts at 9:00)

  • 8:50 Instruction
  • 9:00 Tour Starts
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Tour Finishes

Note 1: You can come to Hida Hagiwara station by JR Takayama Line. (40min from Takayama / 15min from Gero)
Note 2: Optionally, you can join in Sake Brewery Tour after the e-bike tour.


Maze E-bike Tour is a guided tour with lunch and cycling around Maze village and Hagiwara town, just a short hop from Takayama. This tour will give you a new insight of Japan such as local lifestyle and scenic view in rural area. Starting from Hida Hagiwara station, you can learn how Hagiwara town has been connected wtih Takayama and how Maze village has lived together with nature. You will find the clear difference between them as the tour goes on. E-bikes enable you to go up the hill so easily with feeling mountain breeze and stream sound.

Lunch is always the highlight of tour. Whichever you choose premium or regular one, you can truly enjoy not only taste but depth of local cuisine in rural Japan. Particularly, premium lunch is amazingly beautiful and excellent as pictures show. Actually, almost all of foreigners even Japanese do not know this area. That is why we promise you will have a special and unique experience through everything you discover on this tour. We hope you will join us on Maze E-bike Tour and let's have fun together!!

Hidden Valley Village

Maze is certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan.

Special Local Cuisine

You can enjoy the Japan's countryside dishes only available here.

Guided E-bike Tour

This is the ONLY guided e-bike tour around Takayama.


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