4 Tragic Scenes in Urban Life I’ve Realized When Visiting My Parents in Tokyo

06/15/2017RURAL JAPAN

Rainy season started last week in Japan but we just have a little rain.

It seems weird but I’m sure we’re pleased with that(゚∀゚)


Last weekend I visited my parents home for the first time since the relocation to rural Japan; Maze.

It’s located in Machida city in Tokyo. Please check out my profile if you don’t know about my biography.

4 sad things I’ve felt in Tokyo

You know what, people can find something we’ve never totally cared so far if they move away from the environment.

Today, I’m gonna share with you how hard to live in urban area from the point of view as a rural citizen.

Weird feeling; going home to “Tokyo”

First, when it comes to going home, we may think going from rural to urban area.

Though, it’s opposite to me actually since I relocated from Tokyo to Maze which is really rural place.

Watching scenery from the train window, it got more urban like increasing the number of building.

That change was so weird to me. I didn’t feel like going back to my home.

Moreover, I got off the train at Tokyo around 8pm, which is high time for workers to come home.

A lot of people there, and I got strange feeling on that.

Ironically, I could feel like going to home more when coming back to Maze.

No seasonal view outside

Second, when you’re in Maze, you can see literally “360-degree GREEN” view such as mountain, forest and rice field.

That’s why you can find the season at once wherever you see.

Now, I’ll show you 2 pictures on below and you can find the difference.


It’s really amazing, isn’t it?

Time difference is just only 1.5 months but both look completely different.

However, when I came to Tokyo, I had no idea to find out the season.

I know it’s not like there is nothing green but too hard to find it any more.

Boys and girls, it’s not a playground

Third, I went shopping with my parents to a big shopping mall near my home and I got another disappointment.

I don’t like numerous people there and found kids playing at some space outside of the building.

It was just a tiny space and artificial grass, Though, they seemed to be happy ironically.

I might be like a middle age man to look at them.

I know they can feel 100% nature with clean river and green forest and play freely.

Of course, I also know there are some beautiful parks for kids to play.

However, I got to think the scene as an epitome of playground in urban area.

Tragic scene of lunchtime at the center of Tokyo

Last, I’ll share a tragedy at lunchtime in the business district.

I finished the meeting at Kasumigaseki and left for Tokyo station.

Going outside of building, I saw office workers taking lunch.

I got to know they wanted to have some fresh air outside.

You know, business districts in Tokyo are all artificial stuffs. There is just a little green area.

They would rather take lunch outside than inside of building.

That scene looks so pathetic and tragic to me since I’m now a citizen in rural area which has a lot of nature.


Today, I’ve shared with you 4 tragic scenes in urban area.

To be honest, it’s much better to raise children in rural area since the environment can help them grow up freely.

Even if there are a lot of insects and strange warms, rural life would be better for human life.

I’m proud of changing my life from urban to rural area.