Hi, I'm Daisuke Seko so please call me Dai for short. I was born in Iwaki, Fukushima in 1993 and grew up in Machida, Tokyo. From childhood, I love to listen to English songs and talk with foreigners so I studied international economics and communications in the university. After the graduation, I worked for a private company in Tokyo. However, I found myself, what I want to do is not working with foreigners but just working for foreigners. Then I made up my mind to relocate to Hida region for work related to inbound tourism and started a tour guide for foreign travelers. Though this work is not easy but hard sometimes, it is always exciting to me to communicate with foreigners during a tour. I can get new perspectives and interesting information of customers' country. As a tour conductor, I would like to give you special experience and fun time. It is absolutely my pleasure to be part of your trip in Japan and I will surely do my best to make your visit an extra-special one!

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  • Japan tourism information
  • Our daily tour activities
  • Community development work
  • Life in rural Japan
  • My life and opinion

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