Sweetfish (Ayu in Japanese)

As you may know from the name, sweetfish is very fragrant stream fish and the authentic one is said to smell like a watermelon.

Maze’s sweetfish was chosen as the best in Japan so people visit here to fish and eat it in season: from July to October.


Hoba-Sushi is a seasonal local cuisine from June to August.

It’s a little sweet Sushi wrapped with a magnolia leaf containing trout and Japanese ginger.

We can enjoy not only the food itself but different ways to cook depending on area and family.


Keichan is a chicken dish seasoned with miso or soy source fried with vegetables such as cabbage and sprout.

It has a root in utilizing hens which don’t lay eggs anymore.

This cuisine also has thousand ways to cook.

Hida beef

It’s one of the most famous Japanese beef brands and highly selected supreme beef of Japanese Black Cattle raised for more than 14 months in Gifu prefecture.

While the texture is fine and soft, we can enjoy not only a beautiful marbling but a rich smell and taste.


Maze is at around 500m elevation so there is much temperature difference between day and night, which makes tomato sweeter.

Since Maze-grown tomato also has a firm flesh, why don’t you taste it with seeing a beautiful scenery of the small mountain village?

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