Maze is a small valley village located in the mid of Japan, Gifu prefecture and so close to famous tourist places such as Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

Maze is rich in natural resources and locals have taken care of it, which resulted in getting certified in "The most beautiful villages in Japan" and "Savor Japan". The best feature of Maze is the untouched beauty of nature including Maze river and luxuriant forests. The river is one of the few clear stream in Japan and people can get very flesh rice and vegetable. 

Maze river is known as "Mecca of Ayu fishing" and the best place of Ayu. Ayu are as Japanese as cherry blossom and small fish in the salmon family. They are celebrated as being, when skewered and grilled over a fire, one of the tastiest of all river fish.

While Maze village is a hidden place for tourists with no convenience store even nor traffic light, its easy to reach from major tourist spots like Takayama so you can readily enjoy Japans virgin landscape and local cuisine.

Posted by ume1984