Access Information to Maze from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya by Train and Car

07/13/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

I just had a business trip to Tokyo last weekend.

I wrote about the difference between rural and urban area on below post.

Today, I’m gonna show you how to get here, Maze.

By train

To Nagoya from Tokyo and Osaka by Shinkansen

Maze is located in Gero city, Gifu prefecture, which is the middle of Japan.

So the closest metropolitan city is Nagoya.

Location of Maze

You should take Shinkansen from Tokyo or Osaka.

From Tokyo to Nagoya, it takes 100 minutes by “Nozomi”and 50 minutes from Osaka.

Transfer to JR Takayama Main Line at Nagoya

Wide View Hida

At Nagoya station, you can change to JR Takayama Main Line.

The limited express is called “Wide View Hida”, which we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of valley from the window of train.

Some trains leave at Osaka so you don’t have to take Shinkansen if you can use it.

Hida-Hagiwara is the closest station

The nearest station from Maze is Hida-Hagiwara along JR Takayama Main Line.

It takes around 100 minutes from Nagoya station.

15 minutes’ drive takes you to Maze

It takes 15minutes from Hida-Hagiwara to Maze by car.

There are always some taxies at the station. I don’t recommend you take a bus since we have only a few.

Nohi-bus bound for Maze at Hida-Hagiwara


  • 11:10/11:50/14:40/17:30


  • 11:30/14:00/17:00

If you reserve an accommodation in Maze, they pick you up at Hida-Hagiwara or Gero station.

Or you might wanna try to walk up the hill for 1.5 hours.

4h from Tokyo, 3h from Osaka and 2h from Nagoya

In summary, it takes 4 hours from Tokyo, 3 hours from Osaka and 2 hours from Nagoya by train.

Just to say, you can also get to Maze by 40 minutes from Takayama, which is one of the most famous place for foreign tourists.

By car

Next, I’m gonna show you the way to Maze by car.

From Nagoya, you can just proceed north on Route 41 and 257 for 2.5 hours.

Chuo Expressway: Nakatsugawa exit (from Tokyo)

It takes 3.5 hours from Tokyo to Nakatsugawa.

Turning off the expressway, you should drive along Route 257 and 41 for 90 minutes. 

It’s the quickest route from Tokyo, but you must be careful for driving in winter on the expressway since it snows a lot.

Tomei-Meishin Expressway: Komaki exit (from Tokyo and Osaka)

It takes 3.5 hours from Tokyo and 2 hours from Osaka to Komaki.

Going through Route 41, you can get to Maze for 2 hours so in total 5.5 hours from Tokyo and 4 hours from Osaka.

You might wanna use Tomei-Meishin from Tokyo in winter.

Tokai Belt Line Expressway: Mino-Kamo exit (from Tokyo and Osaka)

From Tokyo to Mino-Kamo, it takes 4 hours and 2.5 hours from Osaka.

90 minutes’ drive along Route 41 takes you to Maze so it takes 5.5 hours from Tokyo and 4 hours from Osaka in all.

Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway: Gujo-Hachiman exit (from Osaka)

From Gujo-Hachiman exit, you should take Route 256 for 60 minutes, going through Hida-Kanayama.

It takes 3.5 hours from Osaka to Maze.


【By train】

  • From Tokyo: 4 hours
  • From Osaka: 3 hours
  • From Nagoya: 2 hours

【By car】

  • From Tokyo: 5~5.5 hours
  • From Osaka: 3.5 hours
  • From Nagoya: 2.5 hours

Though Maze is really rural area, it’s not so far from the metropolitan.

I hope you have no difficulty coming here with checking this out.