5 Ways to Kill Time in Rural Japan

04/28/2017RURAL JAPAN


I’d like to share one happiness about Umeblo. I got a message from overseas!! So exciting, isn’t it!?

The message was from a woman in Singapore.

She was also a member of AIESEC and visited Japan last year.

Summarizing her message, she wants me to write English posts.

Sorry for that, last 2 posts are only in Japanese.

Anyway, it made me so happy.

She said “Your blog is interesting” and “I’m curious about rural life in Japan”

Wherever they’re from, I’m so glad to hear those kind of words.

I’ll keep on writing English blogs for those who enjoy my blog like her!!

The flow of time in countryside of Japan

It’s one of her message that I’m concerned about.

Most people there I saw were elderly or very young, and shops closes early in the evenings. Just curious- how do you kill time (other than writing the blog) ?

Woman from Singapore that likes Umeblo

She thought that when she came to small rural towns in Aomori and Iwate.

This question made me rethink about how to kill time in Maze.

Just to tell you, there are only a few restaurants.

There is much diffent in terms of the flow of time between rural and urban area in Japan.

As I mentioned on below post, it’s so slow in countryside.

Not so many people live and not much work here.

You can understand it if you come here once.

Next, I’m gonna think about how I fill time in Maze.

How to kill time in rural Japan

I’ll share 3 ways with you on below.

Chatting with drinking tea

First, 70% of free time is spent on this. That’s why you can live in rural Japan if you get accustomed to it.

Just for your information, we mostly drink not tea but coffee in Maze.

I love coffee but you should ask them for sugar and milk if you don’t like it so much.

Just to tell you, I love Mandheling sold at this shop.

Midori-no-yakata (Coffeeshop in Gero city)

Fullcity roasted Mandheling tastes sweet acid and so rich. I got off the track…

Anyway, 2 hours have passed so early if just chatting with drinking coffee. It’s a drinking-communication at daytime.

Very long drinking party

Second, it’s a real drinking-communication; drinking alcohol. It’s same as urban area and overseas.

I don’t like alcohol very much but I like a drinking party.

They don’t force me to drink it here and you can enjoy a party if you don’t like alcohol.

What I wanna say is that a drinking party in countryside of Japan is too long.

Last time after the festival, it started from 1pm and ended at 9pm.

As I said, there are only a few restaurants in Maze and most of drinking party are held at private home.

I highly recommend life in rural Japan to those who like drinking alcohol.

Studying culture and history of Maze

Last, I spend free-time on knowing about Maze.

Do you remember the posts I wrote about family name and geography of this place?

I can get a lot of information and keep up with the conversation of local people if I get to know more about Maze.

Actually, I expect another good effect, which is coming up with new ideas for the tourism product.

I recommend you studying your residence or family history since that helps you in the future.

I was glad to be asked “You’re Seko so are you from Mie prefecture?” on this Monday.

I know you don’t know what I mean so check on this post.

Studying English with TED and foreign dramas

TED-Ideas worth spreading

It’s learning English with a joy.

You know it’s boring when you study English with literally “learning” stuff.

You might think TED is hard to understand but some talks are really informative and interesting.

I usually select a short talk less than 10 minutes from “Funny” category.

Not only learning English but also how to make a presentation in English and new things.

I recommend you listen to each TED talk 4 times like “With no subscription→With Japanese sub→With English sub→With no subscription again”.

Grey’s Anatomy

My favorite foreign drama is Grey’s Anatomy!!

Each scene has only a few minutes so easy to watch it again following the above method.

Playing acoustic guitar

I don’t play guitar well but I like it.

It’s so cool to play it at summer night with hearing singing of insects.

Someday, I’ll be playing at the riverside.

I hope it would help me having a good time with foreigners since music cross over the border.


I’ve ever talked about how to kill time in rural Japan, starting from the introduction about a question from Singapore woman.

I was puzzled by slowness of time flow in Maze but now it’s comfortable for me.

Just talking with drinking tea or coffee is rural lifestyle itself.

Why don’t you give it a shot if you’re pressed for time?