Review of Japanese Style Inn Tsuki-no-akari in Gero Hot Spring


It’s almost end of holiday week in Japan and most of them start to go back to their home by train or car.

I’m writing the 30th post of my blog. _φ(・_・

Stayed in Gero Hot Spring!!

I stayed at a Japanese style inn in Gero Spa with my family.

Since I’m living in Maze near from the hot spring, my parents and grandparents came here.

They told there was nothing here around in Maze, but I know everybody says so.

My grandparents have been to Gero Hot Spring twice but this was the first time for me…!!

A lot of things I’d like to tell you!! So, I write about how it was.

History of Gero Spa

Gero Hot Spring is located in Gifu prefecture and I think it’s really famous in Japan.

This is said to be one of the best 3 spas in Japan, and actually other 2 are Arima in Hyogo and Kusatsu in Gunma.

In the mid of Heian-era (10th century), Gero Hot Spring was found at Yugamine mountain 4km apart from the current spa area.

Hot water didn’t come out in the mid of Kamakura-era (13th century) but newly found at near around Hida river, which is actually the current place.

As the location changed from mountain to flat, it got more accessible and the reputation spread out nationwide.

In Edo-era (17th century), Razan Hayashi who worked for Tokugawa government as a confucian evaluated Gero Hot Spring so much.

Just for your information, he named the best 3 spas in Japan and people still think so.

Tsuki-no-akari; annex style inn

I’ll introduce the hotel I stayed at yesterday!! Ta-da!!

Tsuki-no-akari in Gero Hot Spring

Each room is so large and has an inside and outside bath.

It’s an annex style but too apart from the main building, actually which is special and awesome!!

Coming from Miyabi-tei building along the main street of Gero Hot Spring, we went through some corridors like these and took an elevator.

It has a big inside and open-air bath but room bath like below was so great.

I got in it at midnight and felt like really luxurious with spring cool wind and moonlight…!!

I took in the other one on below.

The combination of Azalea and clean hot water represented flavor of “Japan”.

Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of dishes. I post a set of green tea instead.

Everything was great and I got to know the reason why it’s said to be one of the best 3 spas in Japan.

Nothing to say especially about the hot spring, and i’s an alkaline spring so touching softly to our body.

Proud of Japanese style inn…!!

I really enjoyed the stay but actually I checked some points there.

I found some fire-alarms in the room and restaurant and thought about daylight width of windows.

Yeah, I considered about Fire Service Act and Hotel Business Act.

They spent much money on buildings so we can enjoy every service they provide.

The lodging industry is one of real businesses, and worse hotels would be kicked out same as IT companies.

We cannot get success unless competitive and hungry very much.

I just wanna open less grade hotels but the attitude should be tight.

Ryokan must be one of the best Japanese cultures.

I’ve got to know that as growing up.

Honestly, I’m not still a man who can pay by myself for the accommodation fee of this kind of elegant inn.

I write the post about Gero city like below.