【Timeless Edition】3 Major Family Names in Maze with Japanese History

04/11/2017MAZE-GERO CITY

I get accustomed to post an article after working.

I take pride in updating it since it’s actually a part of work for community reactivation in terms of introducing Maze.

Today, I gonna write about the thing I’ve cared since first day in Maze.

Every area in Japan has the specific family name? Yes, I gonna share major family names here!!

I have roots in Mie prefecture?

For instance, my family name is “Seko” and there seems to be deep relationship with Mie prefecture.

Seko has roots in Owase city in Mie. There are some areas called as Seko in Tamaki-cho, Watarai-gun in Mie. It’s been one of descents of the Taira (Kanmu-Taira) which was a famous clan governing Kumano in Kii-state located between current Wakayama and the south of Mie. On the other hand, it also has roots in the Kitabatake of the Minamoto (Murakami-Minamoto) starting Morofusa who was a son of the Prince Tomohira; the Emperor Murakami’s sun or in a family of the Inner Shrine of Ise (the Arakida).


Showing distribution of “Seko” residents nationwide-excerpted from Myoji-yurai.net

As you can see, a lot of Seko live in Mie.

Thus, I really wanna visit there someday, especially Ise Shrine.

By the way, major family names in Maze are “Futamura”, “Hosoe” and “Ohmae”.

Lots of Futamura in Gero

I searched where Funamura comes from and the distribution.

Futamura has roots in Futamura, Nukata-gun in Mikawa-state that is currently the east of Aichi where Tokugawa family came. Also, it derives from Oda family in Owari-state now Aichi. There are a lot in Aichi. “Mura” means a village.


Showing distribution of “Futamura” residents nationwide-excerpted from Myoji-yurai.net

It comes from Aichi and a lot in Gifu as I thought.

Specifically, the largest city Futamura lives in is Gero so we can understand that many Futamura in Maze.

I’ve met a bunch of Futamura here. Everytime I exchange the name card, they say “I’m Futamura”.

I must remember each first name also.

Hosoe a lot too

Next, I’ll share Hosoe info.

It has loots in the Sasaki of the Minamoto (Uda-Minamoto) starting Atsuzane prince who was a son of the Emperor Uda coming from Hosoe-sho, Sakata-gun in Ohmi-state currently Shiga. They currently live in Musashi-state; now Tokyo, Saitama and the north of Kanagawa, Ise and Shima; Mie, Settsu; the north of Osaka and part of Hyogo. There are half of Hosoe in Gifu, especially Wasa and Seto districts in Gero.

Quotation:Myoji-yurai.net (a little edited)

Showing distribution of “Hosoe” residents nationwide-excerpted from Myoji-yurai.net

To my surprise, the quarter of Hosoe lives in Gero…

incidentally, we have 2 Hosoe in Maze branch office.

Ohmae seems to be in every place but…

It comes from Yoshimitsu Minamoto that was the descendent of Ohmae retainer and the Emperor Seiwa or from the Ogawa; the Fujiwara starting from Kamatari Fujiwara named by the Emperor Tenji. Also, it has roots in Satsuma-state; currently Kagoshima which the Ohmae big clan governed. “Mae” stands for positional relation.


Showing distribution of “Ohmae” residents nationwide-excerpted from Myoji-yurai.net

It seems Ohmae lives nationally, but Gifu is the third largest prefecture of Ohmae residents and half of them living there in Gero.

I think Maze has lots of Ohmae specifically.


Today, I shared major family names in Maze.

A bunch of Nomura are here except Futamura, Hosoe and Ohmae as I’ve introduced.

Why don’t you check out your own roots?

I highly recommend you ask Maze people their family name when you come here.