A Lovely Family from Canada Joined in the Customized Private Food Tour

04/05/2018UMESEKO TOUR

We have posted some tourist activities in Japan so far but we would like you to know more about OURS.

Then, we start to post the status on each date as much as possible.

This is a kind of trial so please put any comments or suggestions for the improvement.

Today, we will share the memory of food tour with a Canadian family on Mar 27th, 2018.

They are from Vancouver and visit Japan to see their friends living in Tokyo.

When booking the tour, mom told me that they would like to go and see not-touristy places in Japan. (That is why they chose us.)

Their itinerary of Japan travel is so unique. No Tokyo nor Kyoto but Hida, Obuse and Yudanaka region, which are truly countryside of Japan.

We met up at the station and I took them to the old sake brewery first, which is the one we generally visit on Sake Brewery Tour.

The brewer named Mr. Nakamoto is so friendly and passionate a person. He served various sakes (Nihonshu) for them.

Oh one thing to note, the child is still 7 years old so no alcohol for her.

On behalf of that, Nakamoto gave her Amazake, which is a traditional sweet and non-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

Each of sake is made by a different way. Dad was really curious about distilled ones, which we call Shochu in Japanese.

They asked lots of questions but Nakamoto answered all of them very gently.

Dad really likes him and we took a photo with him finally.

Next, we head to Maze village, which was the main content of tour.

Their first touch point of Maze was an article about Tenkara (fly fishing). Dad likes fishing and wants to visit Maze river introduced on it.

Unfortunately, there was no anglers but they were really amazed at the beautiful river.

They said that they would come back here for fishing in summer.

For lunch, we visited Maruhachi Ryokan to have special local cuisine.

The dishes at the ryokan was introduced on the Guardian article in 2012.

All ingredients are local products except Hida beef and the ryokan serves an unique seasonal menu.

The mistress of ryokan is a brilliant and creative chef. All beautiful dishes are created by her own idea.

Everything was stunning and they enjoyed the great culinary experience.

After lunch, we took a picture with the mistress in front of the ryokan.

Lastly, we took them back to the station and the tour finished.

Since they are warm and friendly people, we also had a great time throughout the tour.

We hope all experience here will be the greatest memory of visit in Japan for them.

Thanks and see you again!