Participated in VJTM 2017

As I announced before, I attended the business meeting event in Tokyo.

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First, I’ll show you some pictures of venue. It’s held in Tokyo Big Sight.


Meeting Place Layout

Simple & Formal Desks for Business Meeting

It was really large and more than 1,000 companies or organizations related to tourism gathered.

I had business meetings with 30 companies in 16 countries, which was actually awesome.

How awesome it was

I’ll tell you how awesome VJTM 2017 was.

  • Accomplished 20 minutes’ meeting 20 times.
  • Promote our region with the materials which I made beforehand.
  • Took a picture and shake hands with all companies I met.
  • Some comapnies will fit our region in their tour schedule in the future.
  • Got replies to my follow-up mails.
  • Had a discussion in spite of my unannounced visit.
  • Understood Indian English well.→Referred to #37 in The List of 100 Things I Want to Do by My 30th Birthday
  • A Russian lady told me that my English pronunciation wasn’t like Japanese English.
  • I said to her back “Because I’ve listened to Bon Jovi since my childhood” and she laughed the joke.
  • Ironically, the company in the last session didn’t seem to listen to me since he wanted to leave the site as soon as possible.
  • Met a lot of beautiful ladies from Russia.

Every moment was exciting to me since it was the first time to attend this kind of English business meeting.

Actually, I’ve found that I need to develop my English.


I had difficulty in explaining features of our region at some point.

Now, I’m studying English with TED talks again.

Objectives of VJTM 2017

Actually, I set some goals for this business meeting event like below.

【Qualitative objective】

  • Feel a good response on inbound tourism in our region
  • Be more confident in our activity programs of cultural experience

【Quantitative objective】

  • 20 appointment meetings ←Accomplished!!
  • 2 tour package realized
  • 20 FIT increased

The last two will be revealed in the end of 2018.

Regarding qualitative objective, I think 50% achieved.


That’s because I wasn’t able to introduce our activity programs confidently.

You know, it’s hard to sell products you don’t make.


I must create my product for next VJTM.

Anyway, that’s really precious experience for me.

Leave a comment if you find out where she is from!!